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​Excellence in Distribution


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Our history of E7 Distribuidora is driven by our passion to bring high-tech products to Brazil in an agile and accessible manner. From the beginning, we had a clear vision of connecting technology with people and their passions, noticing a growing demand in the B2B sector over the years, especially among small and medium-sized retailers.


We evolve and adapt, becoming a bridge that connects retailers to technological advances with a special focus on the gaming community. At E7 Distribuidora, we are not just product distributors but also facilitators of dreams, innovations, and opportunities, firmly believing in the transformative power of technology.


Our mission extends beyond this distribution. We work alongside our clients to understand their specific needs and offer personalised solutions to ensure that they are always ahead of the latest market trends.


E7 Distribuidora is more than a distribution company. We are strategic partners for retailers and entrepreneurs in Brazil, inviting everyone to join our mission to connect technology and passion, drive success, and innovate in the Brazilian market.


​Connecting Technology and Passion:

The History of E7


​Guidelines that move us

Xbox Starfield Limited Edition Wireless Controller White Console


Connecting technological innovation and the Brazilian market

At E7 Distribuidora, our mission is to bridge the gap between technological innovation and the Brazilian market. We are committed to providing high-tech products in an agile and affordable manner, with a special focus on the gaming community. Our objective is to meet the needs of small- and medium-sized retailers, thereby enriching end-consumer experience.


Strong relationships, continuous innovation and operational excellence

At E7 Distribuidora, we valued and cultivated solid relationships between the suppliers and customers. We believe that strong partnerships are the basis of solid and sustainable growth. We constantly invest in technology and automation, always seeking to stay ahead of the market trends. Furthermore, we strive to optimise the supply chain to ensure efficiency and quality at each stage.

Xbox Wireless Console Set of Two Blue Controllers
Green Xbox Wireless Controller Console


​Strong relationships, continuous innovation and operational excellence

At E7 Distribuidora, we aspired to be the primary reference for the distribution of technological products in Brazil. We want to recognise our ability to anticipate trends and meet specific market demands. Our vision is to consolidate our position as leaders in the gaming segment, which is the primary choice for retailers seeking quality, innovation, and trusted partnerships.

Do you want to learn more about E7 Distribuidora? Download our Brand Guidelines or our Presentation right now.





​In E7 Distribuidora, our brand is more than a simple name or logo, represents our dedication and passion. Each detail was shaped by a team that was committed to the highest standards of excellence.


Authentic and high-quality branding directly reflects our mission and values. Here, we make available our logo and company presentation, all designed to symbolise the commitment and excellence we offer to all our partners and customers.


Our brand: Representing Dedication, Passion and Professionalism

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