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HORI, officially in Brazil.

HORI is a well-known company in the video game and gaming accessory industry, especially for Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft consoles. Founded in Japan in 1983, Hori initially began manufacturing joysticks for arcades, gaining recognition for its quality and durability.

Over the years, HORI has expanded its focus to include a wide range of accessories for video game consoles, such as controllers, racing wheels, dance mats and other specialized devices in this universe. The company is known for its continuous pursuit of innovation and ergonomic design, aiming to provide a more enhanced gaming experience for its players.

In addition, HORI also produces a variety of licensed products, collaborating with established brands in the gaming industry such as: Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft to create themed and collectible accessories, such as controllers decorated with video game characters or personalized protective covers.

With a strong global presence, HORI products are widely used by professional gamers and enthusiasts around the world. Their reputation for quality and performance has made them a popular and clear choice among gamers looking to enhance their gaming experience with high-quality accessories. And it is always thinking about the best mergers and possibilities that we, Esete Distribuidora, officially brought HORI to BRAZIL. Now it is possible to purchase the best products with one click and receive them directly in the comfort of your home.

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