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Connecting Passion and Innovation: The Saga of E7 Distribuidora in the Gamer Universe

Updated: Feb 27

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In the vibrant technological scene of 2012, a new protagonist emerged in the Brazilian market, armed with the determination to pioneer the gamer universe: E7 Distribuidora. Founded with the purpose of being more than a distributor, E7 was born to be a strategic ally of retailers and a true partner of the gaming community, committed to delivering not only products, but also innovative experiences and cutting-edge technological solutions.

The Origin of a Dream

Nascida de um desejo ardente de inovação e serviço, a E7 começou sua missão com um foco: ir além da distribuição. Comprometida com o avanço tecnológico e com a comunidade gamer, a E7 estabeleceu-se como a ponte entre os fabricantes de tecnologia avançada e os varejistas, fornecendo não apenas produtos, mas também oportunidades e sonhos.

The Mission to Connect

With a clear crystal mission, E7 is dedicated to being the link between technological innovation and the Brazilian market, committing to providing high-tech products in an agile and accessible way, enriching the consumer experience, and strengthening retail trade.

Values that Drive

Strong relationships, continuous innovation, and operational excellence are pillars of E7. These values are not merely declarative; they are the driving force behind every interaction, partnership, and product delivered.

Leadership and Vision

We aspire to leadership and reference the distribution of technological products, anticipating trends, and meeting the specific demands of the gamer market. Our commitment is to offer not only products but also solid and reliable partnerships, positioning us as the first choice for retailers seeking innovation and quality.

Diversity and Specialization

E7 prides itself in its diverse range of products, from Xbox favourites to the latest innovations in gaming. Each product promises quality and innovation, meeting, and often exceeding customers' expectations.

Commitment to Operational Excellence

Operational excellence at E7 is more than a goal; it is a daily practice and non-negotiable commitment. With optimised processes and state-of-the-art technology, we can ensure that each product delivers lives up to our brand promise.

The Invitation to the Future

We extend a warm invitation to you to be part of our ongoing journey of success and innovation. E7 values each customer and each partner as an essential member of our history. Together, we are not only meeting market needs, but also defining the future of gamer technology in Brazil.

Come and learn more about our vision, products, and how you can become part of this legacy. Download our presentation [link to presentation] and explore how passion for games and advanced technology merge in the essence of E7 Distribuidora.

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