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Increase Your Online Sales: The Definitive Guide to Mastering E-commerce

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Are you craving skyrocketing sales on your gaming consoles and accessories?

Look no further. We will reveal the strategies that will turn you into a maestro for e-commerce. Trust us; this will be the best thing you will do to gain traction in Brazil's booming gaming industry, which has soared by 140% in the past five years (according to Newzoo's Global Games Market Report).


Dig Deeper into Market & Customer Insights

Before you can make a penny off the Internet, you must have a clear vision. You need to see through the foggy, confusing world of online retail and understand exactly who your customers are and where the market trends are headed. Obtain this wrong, and your online store is as good as no man's land.

Channel the Sherlock in You

Learning the 'what' of your customer's preferences isn’t enough; it’s the 'why' that makes every difference. Dig into their behaviours using website analytics, understand the patterns, and model the strategies around them.

Catch the market pulse

Monitor hot sellers, trending accessories, and viral games — just stay hot on the industry's heels. Simply put, sell what people buy.


Craft a User-Experience That Wows

Your website is a virtual store, and it should be designed to impress and induce sales. Give your customers an experience they have raved about to their friends.

Straightforward Navigation

Time is important. Your customers should find what they are looking for at no time. Ruthlessly eliminates any potential roadblocks that can lengthen the purchase path.

Mobile-First Experience

With over 51% of Brazil's Internet traffic coming from mobile devices, do not let a poor mobile experience be a deal-breaker. Give them the comfort to buy while they are moving.


Price to Lure, Price to Win

Set up the right price, and customers will not abandon their shopping carts halfway.

Right Pricing

You do not want to be the stingy store selling at a premium, nor do you want to be the desperate seller who undercuts. Stay abreast of the market prices, and offer just the right price.

Deals to Die for

Offer irresistible deals that make gamers' jaws drop. Bundle accessories with consoles introduce loyalty discounts and create promotions that make them want to empty their wallets.


Customer Service Representative

Deliver Customer Service That Dazzles

Winning sales is more than selling; it is about empathising and caring.

Lightning-fast Responses

Believe it or not, “64% of consumers expect real-time assistance” regardless of the channel. Therefore, keep these customer queries waiting at your peril.

Crystal Clear Policies

Keep the mystery out of the return and refund policies. The more transparent you are, the higher your trust that you command.


Leverage Social Media Like a Pro

Social media is not just about posting anymore; it is also about engaging, influencing, and selling.

Show and Tell

Use engaging media and captions to turn your social profiles into virtual showcases. Pique their interests and keep them coming for more.

Influencer Army

In the age of social proofs, an influencer's endorsement can provide more sales magic than you can imagine. Partner with them to get your products flying off the shelves.

Dominate the SEO & AdWords Game

Harness the power of search engines and ads to be where customers are located.

Rank with SEO

Research and use SEO keywords like you mean to win. Let gamers find you when they le 'Google' ’s desired consoles and accessories. Imagine the sheer possibility of being just a click away from a potential sale.

Smart use of AdWords 

Advertise strategically. This Google tool is used to locate and reel customers, specifically searching for products such as yours.


To sum up, there is no magic for e-commerce success, and it is not just about having quality products. It is scientific, dynamic, and at times, challenging. You must empathise with your customers, tickle their desires, and offer them an online shopping experience they cannot resist.


With this guide, you are equipped to do it all. However, this journey does not stop. Subscribe to the E7 Distribuidora Newsletter for regular tips, strategies, and industry insights that will keep you ahead of the curve in e-commerce.

Do not just change, evolve!

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